Other Products

MBO Microfinance Products – Micro Loans
Hanapbuhay Loan I – For Additional working capital, Business site improvement, Acquisition of business assets with loan amount from 5,000 to 300,000. This is offered by the MBOs of the Bank
Hanapbuhay Loan II – For financing of additional working capital or for the acquisition of fixed assets for use in the client’s business from 10,000 to 300,000. This is offered by the MFUs of the Bank
MBO Microfinance Products – Micro Deposits
These are savings accounts that cater to the needs of the basic sectors, low-income clients and those that are unserved by the financial system.
Initial deposit and maintaining balance of 100, with an average daily balance not exceeding 40,000.
Micro-deposits without micro-credit
Refers to micro-deposits of a client without outstanding microfinance loans or microcredits. This type of deposit is not related to any loan transaction and shall be implemented only by the MBOs.
Contractual Savings
These are Hanapbuhay deposits that are regularly collected along with the loan repayments
MBO Microfinance Products – Micro Insurance Program
Credit life insurance is through Pioneer Life Inc. An insurance protection that guarantees the payment of the face value or outstanding balance upon the death or total permanent disability of the insured borrower
Remittance Product
Remittance Product
  • International Money Order via PostalCash ATM
  • PostalBank and AUB Gintong Hatid Remittance Program
  • International Money Fund Transfer (in partnership with PNB, LandBank, UCPB)
Other Services – Safety deposit box facilities
These are fire proof containers housed in the bank’s vault that are leased to clients on an annual basis and are usually used as a repository for the client’s valuables

Other Services – Sale of acquired assets
Selling of acquired assets (from foreclosure, dacion en pago), real estate and vehicles / chattels, on “as-is-where-is” basis to qualified buyers